Imaginary Cow is a fictional brand and gelato truck (more like tuktuk) that travels around the Vancouver area serving high-quality vegan gelato. Vancouver loves vegan food and everything that is Instagram-worthy, so Imaginary Cow is a perfect fit.
Logo Development & Solution

The process of coming up with a logo and brand name for a vegan gelato truck began with thinking about what makes vegan gelato unique. That, of course, is the absence of dairy. After settling with the mysterious name, "Imaginary Cow", then came the logo iterations. As seen below, it began with a very chunky and rounded question mark, resembling the many spots that cows wear. The cow with eyes was charming, but that wasn't very mysterious anymore. As a solution, going with the last option really makes the classic black on white cow print recognizable. The question mark is very clear and the thick outlines match the bold lettering. I chose the font as it is rounded and funky just like our cow. 
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